Position Descriptions

President The President is responsible for the general message and trajectory of Student Volunteer Center. He/she should be the primary arbiter of meetings, main representative to the SA and other Student Organizations, and make him/herself available to the other executive board members. As per SA guidelines, the President must take the Treasurer’s exam, and is thus equipped to advise on such matters in the Treasurer’s absence. The President is intended to be a “jack of all trades”, assisting each of the other executive board members in their duties and responsibilities as necessary. The President should also encourage members of Student Volunteer Center to involve themselves in both events and in proposing new ideas and initiatives for Student Volunteer Center. The President is the final authority in Student Volunteer Center on all decisions. Vice President The Vice President will work very closely with the President, aiding in getting feedback from the Executive Board and members throughout the semester. He/she will also work with the President to plan ceremonies for members and the annual clothing drive during the spring semester. The Vice President will be in charge of planning the member meetings and all tabling events. The Vice President is also the secondary arbiter for meetings and SA/Student Group Representative. In the event of the President’s absence, the Vice President has the authority on all decision making. Secretary The Secretary is responsible for record keeping, data management, and supervising annual elections. The Secretary will maintain an updated and accessible record of all members’ community service hours. He/she will also be in charge of compiling a list of events and programs held each semester and creating an End-of-the-Year Report. These records should contain information that is especially relevant to the Event Coordinators, such as names of the community organizations SVC has partnered with, contact information, and event/program descriptions. The Secretary is tasked with recording minutes at each Executive Board meeting, distributing them to the Executive Board, and monitoring the SVC email account. Halfway through the semester, the secretary will send an email to all volunteers informing them of their hours completed to date and reminding them of the 10-hour minimum. The Secretary is to submit items to B-Line and the CCE Newsletter. Lastly, the secretary may be asked to organize social events for the executive board and SVC members throughout the semester. Treasurer The Treasurer is responsible for managing the Student Volunteer Center’s funds in accordance with SA guidelines, maintaining accurate and up-to-date records of income and expenditures, and checking the SVC mailbox in the Student Association office multiple times each week. The Treasurer should review the Weekly reports and make sure they are accurate. The Treasurer is also responsible for working with the Director of Outreach and Development to organize fundraisers, outline appropriate spending plans, with input from the rest of the Executive Board, and develop SVC’s annual budget proposal. Media Coordinator The Media Coordinator works with other members of the SVC Executive Board to update and maintain the Student Volunteer Center’s website and social media accounts, ensuring that they contain relevant as well as timely information, and to train other SVC Executive Board Members in the use of these tools. The Media Coordinator will also publish a weekly newsletter with event information, pictures, and stories that are of interest to SVC Members. The Media Coordinator is responsible for choosing a deadline for all information to be submitted by other executive board members. The newsletter is to be sent out Tuesday morning. He/she also works with the Secretary to manage the Newsletter’s list of subscribers. Director of Outreach and Development The Director of Outreach and Development is responsible for planning, organizing, and executing monthly fundraising events each semester with the dual purpose of fundraising for SVC while promoting volunteer engagement through our organization. Fundraised money will go towards either the Student Volunteer Center’s budget or a charity of choice. The Director of Outreach and Development works with the Treasurer, the Director of Communications, and other members of the SVC Executive Board to make decisions regarding fundraisers and the allocation of funds generated. The Director of Outreach and Development is responsible for organizing service activities at the general body meetings if needed and may require the assistance of an event coordinator if necessary. Lastly, the Director of Outreach and Development is responsible for getting forms necessary for donations to organizations that we choose. Event Coordinator Manager The Event Coordinator Manager is in charge of overseeing specific event/program initiatives and ensuring that other executive board members, primarily the Event Coordinators, are fully engaged in the work required for their positions. He/she will serve as the facilitator to the event coordinators and is encouraged to plan his/her own events. If the Event Coordinator Manager feels it is needed then he/she should attend at least one event that each Event Coordinator plans to make sure the event runs smoothly. He/she will take the lead in planning larger events with the help of the President and Vice President. Event Coordinator Committee Event Coordinators are responsible for planning, organizing, and executing a minimum of three volunteer events and/or programs each semester. Events are designed to engage SVC members in meaningful volunteer work. To accomplish this task, Event Coordinators will speak with outside or on campus organizations, and engage in extensive dialogue with other Executive Board members. Event Coordinators are also encouraged to document events and programs through pictures and/or video recording whenever possible. They must also take attendance at the events. After the event, the Event Coordinators will send in attendance, hours, description, and organization contact information to the Secretary and pictures and description to the Newsletter Editor and Historian within one day. Event coordinators are required to send upcoming events to the Newsletter editor by a time specified by the Newsletter editor at the beginning of each semester. To accommodate new requests for volunteers and to ensure quality in all SVC events and programs, Event Coordinators will also correspond regularly with the Vice President.